FlexaLamp: One Lamp, Thousands of Possibilities!

FlexaLamp - One Lamp, Thousands of Possibilities

Design Patent Pending

Use it as an Accent Lamp/Photo Frame/Night Light +

The lamp with the “anything” wrap-around shade YOU can change at any time, over and over. You can use:

 decorative films ♦ fabrics ♦ transparencies ♦ photos ♦ gift wrap paper, etc. Or just use it as a basic lamp.

This unique night light/accent/photo table lamp features a flexible polypropylene shade inserted into the vertical LED base.

The lamp has an approximate >50,000 hour life expectancy, and is replaceable. Very low heat generation allows the use of paper products without risk of fire.

The shade is designed to slide in and out of slots in the base without the need for any fasteners. It is easily removed and re-inserted for cleaning or adding a new look.

You can “split” the shade using different materials on each half for a completely different look just by rotating the lamp!

The shade is lightly frosted with a light texture on one side. I used a decorative window film and light fabrics to the smooth side which are what you see in the photos.

Order the basic lamp and use decorative films (see decorativefilm.com), transparencies, photos or thin fabric to create your own look. Simply use a clear, repositionable adhesive or transparent tape around the edges of the piece.

If using adhesive, spray the material not the shade. Always attach to the smooth side. Change the look as often as you like!

Note that this lamp is scalable – it can be ordered larger or smaller within limits. Email details for a quote.

FREE SHIPPING to US 48 States – 14 Day Returns. See FAQs for details. Expected delivery time is 2-3 weeks.

As shown:

    • Price: $99 for basic lamp & shade
    • 8.5″w x 12″h, approx.
    • comes with transformer and inline touch dimmer switch with memory
    •  request a custom order HERE  

Using Photos, Wrapping Paper & More

FlexaLamp with your photos

Use any photo printed on photo paper. You don’t need to use transparencies!

Instructions can be found HERE.

Using Fabrics

flexalamp with fabrics

Use any thin fabric as shown. You can use transparent tape around the perimeter or spray a repositionable adhesive on the fabric and attach to the smooth side.

Instructions can be found HERE.

Wrap-Around Shade Design

flexalamp wrap around shade with window film

I used decorative window film (instructions can be found HERE). Note the wrap-around feature of this lamp. An excellent selection of films can be found at: decorativefilm.com

This feature allows you to “split” the shade into different looks by using separate materials along the length of the shade.

Then, by simply rotating the base you to have a “new” lamp shade!

Basic Lamp and Shade

The basic FlexaLamp

This is the basic lamp. You can use it as-is or use your own materials as shown in the photos for a custom shade. Let your creative side shine!

As a Night Light 

flexalamp as a night light

The included dimmer switch allows you to adjust brightness to be used as a night light.


FlexaLamp components

FlexaLamp components – light base and unmounted shade. Shown with window film I used (NOT included).

Installing Shade into Base

install shade on flexalamp base

Insert one edge into slot and press down. Continue until that edge is fully inserted, then rotate the base and repeat for the other side.

Dimmer Switch & Transformer


Safe, 12V power supply with touch dimmer switch. The switch has a memory, which means the level of dimming when set to off will be the same level when switched back on. Touch for On/OFF, touch and hold for dimming.