Unique Handmade Mirrors

The mirrors shown here represent variations of the Art Deco theme, antiqued mirror and my new “Splash” series.  All feature innovative alternatives to traditional framing.  

Splash is a unique and fun design approach to mirrors. The technique involves sandblasting the silver off the back of mirror using a proprietary masking material. The result is a unique pattern of mirror with a translucent background through which the wall on which it’s hung is muted.

If you prefer, you can paint the background whatever color you wish as shown in my Freeform mirror below – no masking or special preparation required!

Prices for the specific styles/dimensions shown include shipping within the continental United States.

Deco III


Deco III features a staggered tile vertical perimeter “frame” of glass and marble tiles, which range in colors from light grey to deep browns. No grout for easy cleaning. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

As shown:

  • Overall size: 16 3/4″at widest point X 36″ tall X 1″ deep
  • Mirror size: 12″ X 36″
  • Mounting: wire
  • Price: $249

Waterfall II


Showing another variation of the Waterfall style, Waterfall II features gray and clear glass tiles intermixed with marble.

Also notable is the custom-made antiqued mirror instead of clear mirror, and the satin chrome vertical mirror edging. Rust red grout.

As shown:

  • Overall size: 20″ X 40″ X 1″
  • Mirror: 11.75″ X 39.75″
  • Mounting: wire
  • Price: $349

Radical Antiqued Mirror

radical antiqued mirror

“Radical” best describes this custom antiqued mirror.

Featuring a variety of subtle shades, it will dominate whatever wall it’s hung from. If it’s drama you want as an accent piece, then this mirror is for you!

As you can see from the two photos taken under different lighting conditions, the colors and overall effect depend on your lighting – the darker the room the less dramatic the color variations. The first picture was taken in “normal” daylight.

As shown:

  • dimensions: 24″w x 48″h x 1″d, approx.
  • ready to hang
  • requires a wall hanger with a minimum 50 pound capacity
  • Price: 299.00 

Artistic Matrix Mirror

matrix art mirror

“Reflective Art” best describes the Matrix mirror. A combination of: 

  • clear mirror
  • dot matrix mirror
  • cobalt blue porcelain tiles
  • different shades of glass and marble tiles
  • black non-sanded grout lines


  • 12″w x 24″h x 1.5″d, approximate

Price: $249

Splash II

Splash-II Mirror

Splash II is frameless with polished glass edges. And something else – the unique “pendulum” method of hanging. Suspended from a raised-grain, walnut stained fir bar by a solid brass, satin chrome finished clamp, this piece really stands out.

The bar mounts to the wall by a concealed “Z” clip, and maintains its parallel distance from the wall with concealed spacers, so there is no tilting as would be the case with wire-hung methods.

As shown:

  • Overall dimensions: 17″w X 40″h
  • Price: $279 


Drip Mirror

Mounted by the same pendulum method as Splash II, Drip is, well, dripping with mirror!

As shown:

  • Overall size: 17″w X 35 1/2″h
  • Price: $279


Freeform Splash Mirror

Functional as well as decorative, Freeform “floats” one inch from the wall. Painted on the reverse, etched glass side. Can be framed without any modification if you so choose.

As shown:

  • Overall dimensions: 22″ x 22″
  • Price: $249.00