Custom Designed Art Deco Mirrors

Elegant simplicity is the hallmark of the Art Deco era, and, as the saying goes, “good design never goes out of style”. The pieces shown here represent a variation of the deco theme, with an emphasis on both the “framing” and the mirrors themselves. FREE SHIPPING within the continental US.

Deco III


Deco III features a staggered tile vertical perimeter “frame” of glass and marble tiles, which range in colors from light grey to deep browns. No grout for easy cleaning. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

As shown:

  • Overall size: 16 3/4″at widest point X 36″ tall X 1″ deep
  • Mirror size: 12″ X 36″
  • Mounting: wire
  • Price: $499

Waterfall II


Showing another variation of the Waterfall style, Waterfall II features gray and clear glass tiles intermixed with marble. Also notable is the custom-made antiqued mirror instead of clear mirror, and the satin chrome vertical mirror edging. Rust red grout.

As shown:

  • Overall size: 20″ X 40″ X 1″
  • Mirror: 11.75″ X 39.75″
  • Mounting: wire
  • Price: $599


Art Deco Waterfall Mirror

“Waterfall” is a classic Art Deco design, composed of 3/8″ thick cobalt blue glass tiles surrounding a clear mirror with polished edges. Its elegance lies in its simplicity. There is a variation in the intensity of the color of the tiles, which has been balanced throughout the piece. No grout for easy cleaning. 

As shown:

  • Dimensions: 16 3/4″ top, 7 3/8″ bottom X 47″ tall X 3/4″ thick
  • Mounting: wire
  • Price: $499

Deco II

Art Deco II Mirror

In the classic Art Deco tradition, this mirror features an asymmetric 2-piece layered perimeter “frame” in classic black and light gray colors. The double layered, superimposed and staggered frame pieces are each 3/4″ thick.

The high quality mirror features a full beveled border. Can be mounted either vertically or horizontally.

As shown:

  • Overall size: 24″ X 30″
  • Mirror: 13.5″ X 19.5″
  • Overall thickness: 1 3/4″
  • “Frame” thickness: 1 1/2″
  • Price: $499

Deco Ultra

Deco Ultra Mirror

Deco Ultra’s elegance lies in its simplicity. Exemplifying the mirror-on-frame concept, the high quality clear mirror is mounted on glass with a reverse-laminated brushed stainless steel mylar. Reversing the laminate provides an all-glass front for easy cleaning as well as providing an additional reflective surface. The result is quite stunning.

As shown:

  • Overall dimensions: 24″W x 43.5″H  x .75″D
  • Price:$599