Etched Glass & Light Bases

Transform your invitations and commemorative text into stunning illuminated memories with etched glass and LED light bases. Truly unique and customizable, handmade in the USA. 

Glass Etching

wedding invitation

Commemorating special events or achievements takes on a whole new dimension when etched in glass or acrylic.

Shown is a wedding invitation which was etched in glass and edge-lit with our LED light base. As an added effect, a color transparency of the ceremony was place behind.

Email us with your project idea to receive a quote.

LED Edge Lighting Base

 light base

Your etched glass piece is best appreciated when edge-lit. Shown is a customer’s glass carving which was brought to life by our lighting base specifically designed for this piece.

Using low voltage LEDs, you can choose if you’d prefer the ability to change the colors/intensity remotely or not.

We can design and build any base to your specifications – simply email with the dimensions and whether or not you’d like color changing and remote control of intensity/color.

Email us with your project idea to receive a quote.

LED Light Base

LED Light Base

Have an object you’d like to showcase? My high-powered LED light base is for you! Line powered, low voltage with 18 separate LEDs in a wafer format that has a life of over 50,000 hours.

Note that ANY transparent or translucent object you place on the base creates an instant night light! And, there is NO weight limitation! Only $39.00 with FREE SHIPPING.

Made of 3/4″ pine with a flat black finish – no plastic! A walnut stained finish is also available. Includes wall transformer and inline on/off switch.

Unlike other bases, there are no batteries and the wafer is easily replaceable – simply loosen two screws and plug in the new wafer (replacements $4.50 shipped).

Need a custom sized light base? Contact me with your specifications and I’ll provide a quote.