Custom Antiqued Mirrors

Combining style and function, my custom antique mirrors serve as a visual “punctuation” to any decor. Used as an artistic wall piece or vanity mirror, the combination of light and shadows creates an interesting twist to the traditional mirror.


"Shadows" antique mirror

“Shadows” combines a minimally antiqued center mirror which fades into more radical perimeter areas, creating cloud-like effects. The mirror shown is an accurate representation of the effect, but not exactly of what your mirror would look like since each piece is individually hand-crafted.

You’ll notice some visual distortion throughout the entire piece; this is the result of the deliberate use of tempered (safety) glass which produces an inherent warp to enhance the visual interest. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally, and can be ordered without the distortion effect.

As shown:

  • Overall size: 20″ X 36″

Request a QUOTE for your specific requirements.

Cascade Antique Mirror

Cascade Antique Mirror

A series of progressively decreasing, clear beveled mirror diameters are overlayed on radically antiqued, frameless 1/4″ mirror with polished edges. Can be ordered without the clear mirrors as shown.

This mirror is rather “Gothic” in tone with iridescent highlights randomly dispersed throughout, and is best appreciated in brighter locations. It is truly dramatic and lends a magical quality to everything reflected in it.

As shown:

  • Dimensions: 24″w X 48″h X 1/2″d
  • Mounting: wire
  • Price: $399 or $324 without clear mirrors